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Clara Castrillon runs Apartamentos Amoblados based in Medellin, Colombia ith her boyfriend Julian Moncada.

BEWARE - she takes most calls and falsely advertises their apartments with this unregistered, unlicensed company that rents in violation of local tourism laws. Her apartments are misrepresented in years-old photos and do not contain the basic necessities expected of a foreigner.

- She WILL take your money and run, even after you arrive to find that the condition is not as expected.

- She may change apartments on you without notice and without option, taking the money if you do not agree.

- She does not own the apartments, and never change they keys. Your belongings are NOT secure and may be burglarized.

- She will treat you rudely, and have her boyfriend Julian Moncada threaten you if you try to recover your lost money.

This company advertises on the web at:

- apartamentos-amoblados.com

- fordelprogreso.zobyhost.com

- paginasamarillas.com.co

- ciudadguru.com.co

- anuncios-alquiler.com

- vivaavisos.com/antioquia

- doomos.com.co

The whole family runs this show - Julian Moncada, Angle Moncada, Mauricio Moncada and Clara Castrillon. BEWARE - they are all immature, rude and aggressive cheats/liars.

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